Strong Family Travel Fellowship for Peace and Development

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies invites applications to the Strong Family Travel Fellowship for Peace and Development, reviewed by the Program on Peace and Development. Grants of up to $1000 will be awarded to current students in Yale College to pursue independent research, as well as academic programs, internships related to study peace-building initiatives and/or economic development either during the summer or the academic year.
The fellowship is made possible through an endowment from the Strong Family Foundation of New York to stimulate research and contribute to peace-building initiatives and economic development in places of conflict.
A written report of the experience will be submitted at the completion of the trip. Recipients may be asked to complete a brief written or video interview of their field project results when they return to the Yale campus. Any publication or public presentations resulting from their projects should acknowledge the support of the “Strong Family Travel Fellowship for Peace and Development.” 
Applications can be submitted through the Student Fellowships office website