The Program on Peace and Development, established in spring 2020, seeks to join academics and practitioners to address issues related to ongoing conflicts or post-conflict politics

The Program provides an avenue in which the many skilled experts who engage with questions of politics, identity, and peace, are able to share their perspectives across disciplines and add to an initiative that focuses on academic informed practice, distinguishing Yale as not only a producer of global leaders, but also as a hub for international peacekeeping dialogue. 

The ultimate goal of the program is to provide a space where opposing stances can be respectfully investigated. The program seeks to foster personal relationships that wouldn’t otherwise form by having participants imagine together steps that could be taken despite structural constraints that may exist with a holistic approach to addressing peace, conflict, and resolution. 

The Program plans intensive engagement with particular case studies, with planned course connections available for students to partake in deeper engagement with the materials and individuals that the Program is in contact with.