Disentangling Disinformation

We live in an era where the confines of understanding are not limited to a lack of information but rather a bombardment of countering narratives. It can be daunting to sift through the barrage of messaging, leaving room for the simple yet harmful decision to ignore it all. What you see online is not necessarily what is happening in the world, and the disinformation we are encountered with is costing us the ability to stay accurately informed. This series of teach-ins aims to provide tools to navigate the current landscape of media.   

This is a space for anyone, from the person who feels confident about their viewpoints and their understanding of world issues, to those who do not even know where to begin and may be scared to ask. Through the lens of a variety of disciplines including journalism, sociology, political science, and psychology, each session will equip you with essential guidelines to make sense of what’s what and cultivate a culture of conscious media consumption. Sessions will conclude with a quick reference guide.

All sessions will be held online over Zoom.  

SPRING 2024    

February 27 | 12:00PM

The Truth As The Path To Justice: Reporting Russian War Crimes

Nataliya Gumenyuk

Public Interest Journalism Lab

March 8 | 4:00PM

Barbarophilia: Into a Foreign Tongue Our Sorrow and Love Pass

George Syrimis

Hellenic Studies Program, Yale University

March 26 | 4:00PM

Selling the Extreme: How Terrorists Use Marketing to Disseminate Their Propaganda

Anna Kruglova

Terrorism Studies, University of Salford Manchester

March 27 | 12:00PM

Coercive Control at the Micro and Macro Levels

Nicole Correri

Department of Religion, Boston University

April 1 | 12:00PM

Doxing and Denunciation: Unpacking the Court of Public Opinion

Daniel Trottier

Department of Media and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam

April 4 | 9:00AM

Tracing Information Trickles: Making Space for Propaganda with Internet Shutdowns and Information Blackouts

Nishant Shah

School of Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong

April 11 | 4:00PM


Palestine and the Power of Language

Elena Dudum


April 22 | 4:00PM


Ads Will Destroy Us — Unless We Destroy Them First

Nandini Jammi

Check My Ads

FALL 2023    

November 29 | 4:30PM

Online Hate & Offline Harm: Implications of Social Media Usage in Humanitarian Settings

Federica Du Pasquier

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

December 5 | 4:00PM

Online Speech, Offline Actions: Mechanisms Linking Digital Discourse and Its Offline Consequences

Daniel Karell

Department of Sociology, Yale University

December 7 | 4:00PM

Visual Investigations: Reporting With and Verifying Online Open Source Information

Haley Willis

Visual Investigations, The New York Times